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These 5 SaaS Companies Could Transform Your Business

Jonathan Alonso

Succeeding in the business world means taking advantage of every edge you can get, and if you haven’t started delving into the options offered through software as a service platforms, you could be at a significant disadvantage. SaaS can greatly streamline your business’ operations and automate the simple things so that you can focus on the big picture, and these five companies are some of the best options available.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Drawing in new customers is all about looking good, and if you’re interested in leaving a professional first (or second or third) impression with your customers, Adobe Creative Cloud provides your design teams with all the tools they need. Packaging website design, video editing, photo editing, and more into one reliable platform, it’s a one-stop shop for all things creative.


If you want your teams to be able to collaborate more effectively, Box is an ideal solution. This cloud storage platform allows all of your professional files and folders to exist online, so that anyone with the proper authorization can access and edit them. It can also serve as a protective tool to secure your data in case something goes wrong on your local server.


Womply, targeted specifically to the needs of small businesses, is a platform designed to improve your relationship with your customers. Through a platform that focuses on reputation management, business management, customer management, and credit card payment processing, they allow your point of sale system to serve as a metric database for customer engagement, providing you with the tools to track their behaviors and provide a better stream of service through every step of your involvement with them.


You can put the complications of managing payroll behind you when you rely on ADP to handle all of your payroll processing. ADP is a comprehensive payroll tool that will make sure all of your employees get paid accurately and on time, and it even comes with components for HR, Human Capital, and employee benefits.


Getting all your employees in one place can be a difficult process and one that cuts into the productivity of your workplace. This is especially true as more offices move towards work-from-home models. GoToMeeting serves as a virtual conference room, allowing everyone on your team to engage in the conversation wherever they happen to be.

SaaS is a model that’s revolutionizing the workplace, as these platforms compartmentalize a huge number of tools into reliable service-based packages. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. What works for you is going to depend on the culture, scale, and nature of your business.








Jonathan Alonso
Jonathan Alonso

I turn question marks into exclamation points. My work in digital marketing has allowed me to become a full stack marketer with deep knowledge of not only Analytics and tag manager implementation, But also of paid search strategies, technical and off-site search engine optimization, social and even marketing strategies that encompass both tradition and digital. I have over 12 years of marketing experience and I am very dedicated to what I do, I even personally have a podcast that I use to educate on digital marketing. I am committed and focused on any project and will deliver on goals, I am also very proactive and love to share ideas and opportunities for the good of the company. I work well within departments and can manage relationships between a core team and vendors alike.

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