The Ultimate Revelation Of Local Church Seo

Here is a very simple and cost-effective way to increase membership and create a local presence online with a church local SEO stratagy. Almost 55% of churches have never engaged in any type of online marketing or search engine optimization. And they are missing on some great opportunities to help those that are looking for some spiritual help.

Church Near Me

How would you like to bring more people to your faith that would allow for you not to only spread your message but will give you the opportunity to get your churches information in front of many?
church local seo
In this article, I will go step by step on what you can do to start now on winning more Opportunites for people looking for your type of faith.
The strategy is called “Local SEO” this is a specific strategy that helps you show up and rank on Google maps. It is simple and can be done with a slim budget.
Have you ever done a search for something near you on Google? A lot of times I have the tendencies to want to look for a service or product that I can find locally, and I use my mobile device for this. We all do it, to be frank, We will search for “Pizza shops near me” for that youth group Pizza night. Now reverse the situation above, what if I was to search for “non-denominational church near me”? or just “church near the main street”? wouldn’t it be more beneficial to show up on those map listings when someone needs to find a church like yours?
In the graph above you will see how much more impact “church near me” has over the past 5 years than any other type of search

Are you ready to do Local SEO for your Church?

Before starting this project there is a couple of things to consider that you will need
  1. NAP – Make sure you have the correct Address, Phone number, church category, and website. We call this having a NAP consistency. ( NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number ) Search engines legitimize your churches listing by seeing the directories that list the same church name, address, phone number, website and category.
  2. Take photos – The photos show the future member how to find your church and how your church looks., You also want to add some actions shots of the praise and worship team, some of the youth group with youth leaders, children church.ect. You want to show the church through photos that reflect the type of church you are, your current members and the friendly atmosphere that will make them feel welcome to become part of your congregation.  ( Make it more interactive with a Google 360 photographer )
  3. Videos – Have short videos, sermons, or a commercial for your church? You can add them to directories, If you have them on Youtube you can also add the youtube link
  4. Social – Social media profiles will be important – Having a Facebook. Instagram, Youtube Channel, and Twitter can help attract more of an audience that you can use to show events that they may participate in later
  5. Website – Many churches do not have a website, this is one of the main things that establish your church within Google. You want to create a hub to attract new members but with the intention to bring more people to faith. Consider creating a church website that you can add sermons, videos podcasts, blog. If you can’t afford one, that’s ok, when signing up for Google My Business they have a section called “Website” that can give you a free website, and you can buy a “Domain Name” ( Domain name stands for the registration of the address of your website, Example Mainstreetchurch.com )
  6. Schema Markup – Have a website? Have your webmaster add Schema to your site, This will help Google understand your location and your website information, Give the documentation to your webmaster See: http://schema.org/PlaceOfWorship

Ok, So you have gathered all your info to begin doing Local SEO, What do you do next,

Step one – If you have not done so you want to sing up for “Google My Business“, This is the main hub you will be spending a lot more time in.  You will want to also create an account on Yelp, Bing Places, and Apple Maps.
Step Two – If you have had some directory listings already, you may want to do an audit of your listing, Try to work with Whitespark, they are amazing https://whitespark.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=8&aff_id=2395
Step Three – Once your report is back, try to start building your directory listings with a citation building service like what Whitespark also offers with their Citation building packages ( Click Here )  Are you looking for more of a dashboard? Yext has a great service for that, But I would only do this after you have cleaned up your citations
Step Four – Join the chamber? I know your not a business, but see if you can add your church as a non-profit, This help legitimize your business in Google’s eyes and helps. Make sure your address, Phone number, and your website is consistent
This is an easy way to get your church found on major map sites, like Google Maps, Bing and Apple Maps, There is a lot more complexity to building your church’s online presence but this is a start to impact how people may find your church.
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