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The Scoop on Color Schemes From a Marketing Perspective

Jonathan Alonso

Color schemes are one of the most important facets of an effective website. Hiring a designer who knows what they are doing in terms of colors will benefit you far more than you may know! Colors often attract or repel people so be conscientious in picking out the colors you want to use on your website. Also, pick a designer who you trust and one that will let you know if your choice might need some tweaking!

From a marketing perspective, color schemes are vital. Different colors send across different messages. It is similar to the wording on the website except it sends messages in a more subtle way. It may be subtle but it still gets its point across! For example, the color red is usually associated with power and danger. It is used often on food websites and websites concerning matters of the heart (love). The reason this color is used often with powerful concepts is because it evokes a powerful response in the viewer. Something about red makes viewers feel an intensity that other colors are not as concerned with. This is a great color to use if your website has to do with selling money making equipment/tools, food items, motorcycles, and gifts. You can mix this color up with a more subtle color that helps get customers interested. For example, you can use red with blue.

Blue evokes a sense of trust in the person viewing the color. There is something stable about the color blue. Using it with the color red gets the message across that you are promising power, love, and danger and you are a trustworthy source. Do you see how coupling the right colors can get your message across? It’s fascinating! Blue also brings on the feeling of seriousness and professionalism. In this way, blue is also considered a color of power except it is a more subtle and grounded emotional experience. Coupling this color with red often sends across a neatly packaged message: “Trust me, I can get you the power/love/danger you want.” A great color scheme!

Orange is the perfect color for sales on your website. It evokes a sense of fun and affordability. It is also a comfortable color meaning that the person viewing this color feels at ease. The combination of these feelings leads a potential customer to be a paying customer. They will feel at ease, feel as though they can afford the items presented, and they will feel like they are having fun while making the purchases. Most sales are often seen in the color orange for this reason.

Orange is also a color for creativity. If your product is of a creative nature (art, stationery, art products, creative services, etc.), you may want to work orange into your color scheme. From a marketing perspective, this will allow the creatives who visit your website to feel more inspired. The more inspired a creative is, the more likely they are to purchase items to get things rolling. Artists often like shopping online because they can find better deals. This means that the color orange will allow them to feel the above mentioned feelings of ease and affordability and it will also play a role in getting them to feel creative. This may be a good color to use if your website is geared towards the artists and creators of our community.

Green is associated with money, health, and life. Christmas colors are red and green because they catch the attention of the person who wants the intense feeling of Christmas with the feeling of being prosperous! You can pair green with blue if you have a website dedicated to harmonious and healthy living. Or, you can pair green with orange if you are selling books having to do with how to make money. SEO service websites can use these colors together to ensure that the customer feels as though they are being given access to money while also striking their creative side. You will show them that you are creative about ways to make money and that they can be, too!

Pink is associated with softness and innocence. Think Valentine’s Day. Need I say more? Pink is often used on websites that promote products to women. There is a sense of, “You aren’t really spending money. This is so innocent.” Also, it creates a calm feeling that leaves the person wanting to browse around the website as they relax on a day off or on their lunch break. Pink is often used to create a sense of youthfulness so targeting an older demographic with this color can be tricky. Use a shade closer to red but with some pink in it to evoke a sense of power with a sense that age is just a number!

Pink can be pared with green quite nicely if the right shades are used. Pink and green together will tell website visitors that life is sweet and that health and money can come with ease. Depending on your service/product, this can be a good color combination. Also, it attracts the eye because red and green are at direct opposites on the color wheel. Pink is a shade of red and can be a subtle but powerful combination if used correctly. Think pastels and coral.

Yellow is often associated with curiosity and playfulness. This is a great color to use if your idea or service is of a unique nature. Yellow will send the message that you know your idea is playful. Pair yellow with blue and you will send the message that your website has a sense of trustworthiness built into it but it still knows how to be young and fun. This is a great color to use with pink. Yellow and pink can evoke a sense of youth and innocence.

Black is associated with mystery and darkness. Depending on what you are trying to get across, black can be a powerful color if used carefully. Be aware that black is often a default color for people so use it with caution. Make sure that you pair it with another vibrant color or a color that sets a tone. Black and coral and black and blue are great color combinations. Be weary of using black with colors like brown and grey. These combinations can fall flat. Black is a great color to use if you are gearing your website to motorcyclists and those interested in cars. It evokes a sense of mystery. Pair it with red and you’ve got mystery and danger. Perfect!

Jonathan Alonso
Jonathan Alonso

I turn question marks into exclamation points. My work in digital marketing has allowed me to become a full stack marketer with deep knowledge of not only Analytics and tag manager implementation, But also of paid search strategies, technical and off-site search engine optimization, social and even marketing strategies that encompass both tradition and digital.

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