Time to optimize your site for Mobile-First

The Googlebot mobile index is ready to start indexing your site, Are you ready?

It’s time to start optimizing and ranking your site for mobile, Below I have listed a couple of things to do now

1.On Page Optimization

On mobile there is less space for you to work with, So start re-editing those title and description tags so that Googlebot could understand them clearer.

Update your copy, Make sure your on page copy is concise and to the point and it shows on mobile the way it is suppose to be read.

2. Mobile Site Design

In a mobile first world your user experience is everything, you need to be able to test your site and make it as mobile friendly as possible so that your user know what to find and how to buy it easily on their mobile phones.

Don’t use Flash….1999 is over, Move to javascript if you really need that animation

Forget about popups, and make sure that your banner ads are not interrupting the users experience, These 2 things lead to higher bounce rate and bad ranking signals

Make sure your site is designed for “the finger” make it look as if it was an app or close to it, Make it easy to navigate, tap, zoom.

3. Let Googlebot read your Javascript & CSS & Images

Before back in the day blocking these elements resulted in Googlebot getting the info faster and getting out and was not as important. Nowadays it is very much as important as the content of your pages. Google is looking at your user experience also to rank your website. To learn how to unblock these elements contact your web development dept or Click here

4. Make it go faster

Speed up your site, make things load faster

Minify your code: ( this sometimes make your site act funky so consult with your developer before implementing this step) Resource: http://minifycode.com

Reduce your image size: Large images take longer to load so open up that dusty photoshop and start reducing https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/resize-image.html

Redirects: Reducing the amount of redirects can dramatically lower the amount of time your site loads, so fix those links already

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