Local SEO: Is It Possible for Businesses with Multiple Locations?

We all know that local SEO is key in helping locals to find your business. But what if you have a business that has multiple locations? Can you still utilize local SEO on your website? The good news is that you can! Here, we will tell you just how businesses with more than one location can use local SEO. It might be a bit easier than you would think. Read on to learn more about ramping up local SEO on your webpage, no matter where your businesses are located.
Get Your Plan Right
The first part in getting local SEO started on your site is to plan it out, right. Determine just who at what location will be doing what. Who will be doing SEO? Your content creation office? Your IT department? The CIO? Just have your plan laid out before you get started. Once that has been done, be sure to get together to plan out what your guidelines should be for everyone. Having these written will mean that everyone will go about doing the same thing. This keeps your webpages and content consistent.

Who Should Do What?
Sometimes, your corporate guidelines may already tell you just who is responsible for what when it comes to local SEO. In other cases, you may already have a person taking care of this for you. This is often the case when it comes to large businesses, like franchises, with lots of locations. If you do have lots of locations, though, you may very well want to be sure that your content management and creation systems are consistent. Everyone should use the same platform, if possible. Although you can use different platforms, be sure that someone is in charge of being sure they all play well together.

So what are a few of the takeaways from this article? Firstly, think about establishing direct lines of responsibility. Have these clearly laid out at each of your locations. Secondly, be sure that you have your corporate plan for your entire business written out. You may also want to think about making it a responsibility of someone to check to see if people are following these regularly. Thirdly, if possible, be sure to use the same platform for all your local branches. If this is not possible, think about hiring someone who can make sure that all your platforms work well together.

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