How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO Cost is based on your current situation. Those three are Website Optimization, also referred to as “On-Page SEO”. Link Building and outreach optimization also considered “Off-page SEO”. Lastly On-going content management. When choosing the right company is very careful, not all SEO’s are the same, choosing cheap and easy may bite you in the ass. SEO cost relies on what the right agency can do for you.

SEO you can do yourself

This is easier if your a newer company, but as a local business you will want to start with building your Local SEO strategy. Local SEO entails the strategy of ranking locally on Google maps and other mapping apps and directory listings. There’s a lot to learn but it is not difficult at all. Some of the main resources you can use are

You can use these vendors to help you with your Local SEO at a price ranging around $500 once to $400 per year. Or with some time and elbow grease you can also accomplish this yourself. Like I had mentioned before, there is no secret to this.

What to look for when choosing the right agency

Don’t fall for the “expert” pitch, Promises of ranking because they are experts is a huge red flag. Google actually advises avoiding agencies that may promise a specific rank as no one can. Another huge trend is the “proprietary” or “secret” system they use. SEO is art and science. There is no secret to internet marketing. best practices exist on all blogs including Google’s own blog. Make sure they don’t mention things like “link Wheels”, “PBN’s” those are considered “Black Hat” SEO. “Black Hat” SEO consist of link schemes that go against Google’s rules and regulations.  These tactics may give you instant rankings, But in time will damage your reputation and your site with it.

What Is On-Page & Off-Page?

A reputable company will give you a strategy to work with. If you already have a plan, they will provide you with a comprehensive plan of what they can fix on your website for better optimization. Which we call “On-Page” – The process of fixing the structure of your website, the content and other technical configurations that will help Google, Bing & Yahoo understand your site and your business.

The prospective agency should also provide you with some ideas of how they will go about in helping you gain “Awareness” in the form of links. This is the “Off-Page” marketing tactic as a reference earlier. Links matter to SEO, It’s the strongest signal that Googles sees as authoritative. Not all links are the same, there is a science and in which involves acquiring opportunities for other websites to link to you. Your business website should create value for you. Some of the known strategies include “evergreen” content from a blog or landing page, offerings like scholarships or special discounts, or public relations with news about acquisitions or other business matters. Links also involve a lot of outreach. If the link building process is done correctly it will start ranking you on the key terms that will bring you the right clients. If they mention “Buying Links” or any other type of Link scheme that may sound funny, be very careful, trust your gut and read websites like Moz to familiarize yourself with whats true.

It’s not all about the Keyword

The right agency will focus on keyword research. If they never mention keyword research then how will they know what keywords are going to help you succeed. As a business owner, you also want to be aware that just because you may “think” one specific keyword may bring you an unlimited amount of clients, just like links not all keywords are alike. Consider keywords that may be in question format. These types of “Long-Tail” ( More then 2 words) keywords not if done right can help you win trust with your audience by answering their question directly.

If you don’t feel right, Don’t do it

The last thing you want to do is be stuck in a contract. Whats worse is that you could be stuck in a contract with an agency that has no clue what they are doing. Next thing you know you’re shelling out thousands with no results. The cost of SEO should feel right. You should rely on transparency and be able to view monthly reports and logs of what they have done for you. If it does not feel right, Don’t do it. The right person and marketing agency Will come prepared. They will be able to explain what matters to you and your business and will care about your success.

If you get stuck or need any help, Message me here on Linkedin. I will always be available to tell you the truth.

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