Opinion on Google mobile-first Index

Yesterday as a daily routine I pack my lunch hour with a dose of searchengineland.com, and or Moz.com to get some more insights and keep myself up to date.

I heard about the Mobile first index coming out a few days ago and Search Engine Land just released a FAQ about this new rollout. (http://searchengineland.com/faq-google-mobile-first-index-262751)

This is good on Google’s part and I believe this will benefit the ecosystem of the internet to create better UX for all.

Think Micro Moments, Most search queries that happen on a first touchpoint happen on a mobile device. When you commute, in a waiting room or even when using the john….(only sometimes)

Many times within those “moments” I have encountered sites in my research that are basically horrible to use on mobile and I would never think of coming back even on desktop.

It’s time to start optimizing for mobile people, and yes like you read in SEL’s blog, Content still matters. Keep an eye on search console and start testing your mobile experience.


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