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Get a Free Commercial for your local business – Small Business

Jonathan Alonso

As a business owner have you ever thought of creating a local commercial for your shop but never had the funds, It’s easier with Google. Get a free 30 Second local marketing commercial from Google with $350 youtube ads credit to try it out for a month. I have done this for a few of our franchisees and it works.

Is Video right for my business?

Video builds empathy, a connection that text does not impact, this can mean a lot for your small business marketing.

You can then use this video for social and add it on Facebook to create an engaging awareness ad, this video could also be great as an addition to your local citations and local SEO efforts, and it is very cheap to do. This is low-cost with high benefit and returns.

You can use it for other channels

After your video is completed and approved, you can use your new video on other channels, With the rise of Facebook ads, Imagine being able to run a local ad for Facebook. In the end, it is a free asset that you can use to impact the awareness of your local business. Whether your a small business owner, local shop, restaurant or franchise owner this is a beneficial way to get video marketing as part of your tools to attract more customers.

Start Today –¬†https://director.youtube.com/onsite/

Jonathan Alonso
Jonathan Alonso

I turn question marks into exclamation points. My work in digital marketing has allowed me to become a full stack marketer with deep knowledge of not only Analytics and tag manager implementation, But also of paid search strategies, technical and off-site search engine optimization, social and even marketing strategies that encompass both tradition and digital.

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