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I know it has been some time since the last time I posted, But I have been very busy with my UBIF family. In this post, I want to share some of my research on the correlation of featured snippets and voice search. No matter what type of search assistant you use whether its Cortana, Siri, Google or Echo voice search will become more important to your brand as smart homes and other devices help you with daily tasks.

More than half of queries will be voice search by 2020 – Google


Featured Snippets

One of the biggest correlation to voice search is that featured snippets are read aloud when asked a question based on their search, On other devices like Mobile and desktop, featured snippet is a direct answer that shows up directly first under a search query, this is also called “Position Zero” in which was originally coined by Pete Meyers.

About 30% of 1.4 Million tested search queries show up with a featured snippet according to Stone Temple , This only means one thing, It is time to focus on winning and optimizing towards featured snippet in order to not only optimize for position zero but to gain more real estate within search.

featured Snippet

When someone asks a question on searches using a voice search device will only get one result and one answer, It does not give you an option to hear more than one answer to the same question. you can try to do all you can to optimize your content but unless you’re able to rank for that featured position then you won’t get the benefits of voice search.

Keyword Research For Featured Snippets

How do you find the questions to rank for? Well, to start we need to understand that what you want to rank for is based on conversational language. Ranking for long tail keywords instead of broader and shorter keywords. Keywords that include a question, Who, What, When Were, Why. Check out this funny video about natural language by college humor

Some of the tools I use are tools like SEMRush in which include a specific featured snippet search engine to search for opportunities. Another of my favorite tools is Answer the public. These tools allow you search and find questions that you can write an answer.

Writing The Content

Now its time to respond to the question you found, The best way to do this is to do this in a few ways. First answer the question directly, 2nd not only do you want to answer the question, you also want to go in depth, Find out how you can create a dataset or list. Most featured snippets include numbered lists, bulleted points, or tables with comparisons.

Another format to explore is to write a blog post as a Q&A format. You can add more questions to your content and make it easier for Google to pick one of your sections. Jonathan Alonso


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