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So, you have done all the hard work, you’ve created to create a piece of content, 2000 words of text. I mean, it’s all decked out with photos and everything. Nobody is coming to your content.

Now, other than sharing your content; which is kind of obvious to share your content, you don’t have enough audience and it hasn’t picked up and you haven’t had enough traffic to your website. And I know it could get frustrating, spending all this time and not seeing the results.

But today, hopefully, I’m going to be able to share some tools are going to help you get there.


Content Distribution

It’s kind of like Yahoo Answers, if you guys used that back in the day. With Quora, people ask questions about different subjects and different things; from the most personal questions, to the most specific, to business, to art, to science. I mean, you name it, they’ve asked and they’ve answered.

The cool thing about Quora is that when you’ve create your contents already and you have a specific keyword, you can take that keyword and some of your content and look for people that are asking questions about exactly what you’ve written about on your blog.

Now, it won’t have any search engine optimization opportunities, because it’s a no follow link; which means that it won’t pass any trust. But the good thing about it is that you’re going to be able to get traffic and this traffic is exactly what you’re looking for. You know, it’s people that are looking for the answer, looking for the content that you specifically put on your blog. So, you really want to create that opportunity to be able to answer these questions.

And not just put a link, not just put a template with two sentences, answer the question and add the relevant link to that question. Don’t make it spammy, because Quora will catch that and it will remove you.

You want to answer the question, you want to add value and you want to put a link. And you’ll see how much traffic you’re going to produce if you do this right and if you look for the questions that are the most recent questions.

Another cool thing about adding it to Quora is that once you add your answers to Quora, people follow that question. So, it will send an e-mail to the people that are following that question. So, that’s a way for them to pick up traffic and get people back into Quora and seeing your answer to their question.

Apple Publisher

If you don’t know what Apple Publisher is or you’ve never interacted with it on your iPhone or your iPad, it’s a way to syndicate news for an iPhone or for an iPad, just like with business directories for Apple maps.

With Apple Publisher, you’re able to add your feed. Now, if you don’t know what a feed is, if you’re using WordPress or any type of publishing content management system, there’s a thing called RSS. You can google it. It’s called Real Simple Syndication; which is a way for computers to understand the content that’s going on on your Web site. It grabs all of that content in a very simple way that’s coded up and it automatically connects to your blog or your news site or your company and it’s able to syndicate that information automatically. It’s also called a feed.

So, if you have a WordPress installation, if you put slash RSS or slash feed, you’ll see it come up and that’s your link. It’s your domainname.com, .org, .in; whatever it is, /rss/feed. So, you can take this and put it on Apple Publisher.

Now, it’s not going to be something that’s going to take an hour or two for you to get approved. It’ll take four to five days. The most I’ve seen it, it takes two to three weeks, but that’s okay. We were looking just to get in the door.

Once you’re there, creating that quality content will kind of allow you to be able to show up on the iPhone and iPad opportunities; which are very essential for you to be able to win those opportunities with those types of users.

Really Simple Syndication

Content Distribution


The other type of method that I use for content distribution is the same process as feeds. You want to create an opportunity to copy that feed URL, and there’s a lot of websites that allow you to add your blog feeds and they syndicate your information to a lot of potential readers.

So, you can google “Submit RSS” or “Submit feed” and you’ll get a lot of different opportunities for you to be able to take that link and submit it to their feeds, so that it syndicates that information to either their network of blogs or to that specific page. And it does create a back link to your website, but it also creates an opportunity for other people to discover you.

Now, there’s some that look spammy. Trust your gut; if it looks spammy and the website doesn’t look correct, and it looks a little scary and looks outdated, please don’t waste your time. Put your time into feeds that will help you. You know, you can become a partner in different fields and you can add this feed and be able to create a fan base through this system.

Push Notifications


There are a few push notification apps out there that exist for this. My favorite is “Push Crew“.

If you have chrome installed or you have an Android phone, Your readers can subscribe to get notified about your blog, when a person comes into your website. If they Subscribe it wont notify them agin, Its a one time process.

From my notifications, when you come to your website, the notification will say, “Would you like to subscribe and get alerts for the latest marketing tips?” I added three things. I added my podcast, I added my YouTube feed (YouTube also has a feed; you can google it or if you go to the YouTube SEO, you’ll get a little bit more information on that podcast that I did. ). Third, you will put in your feed using “RSS”

What that’s going to do, it’s going to allow you to be able to syndicate your information. And every time you have something new and a person has signed up to be notified, then they will get that information on their phone. On their notifications, they will get that information automatically where it says there’s a new update and it appears for them.

And it’s a lot better to do it and to syndicate your information this way in the sense of because it’s mobile friendly and it comes up in a very soft way. It doesn’t clutter their e-mail and things like that.

Build an Email List

The next way I usually do a lot of the syndication is an email list. So, this could get expensive if you have not built your audience. If you have a customer base, this could be easier. If you haven’t established a customer base or establish any type of email marketing program, I suggest you start with this.

So, what you’re going to do is you take the same feed; which is called RSS, and if you have a very lean budget, you can use the email application called Mail Chimp which is free for up to 1000 emails..

Mail Chimp can automate sending your latest blog posts to your audience or customer base. Mail Chimp can send weekly a roundup of your blog posts.. Even if it’s just two blog posts, it will send it to those people, allowing you to create more traffic to those specific blogs.

You want to be able to do this because you’re creating an email marketing opportunity for your current customers, but you can create capture forms to be able to impact that awareness phase and create that automation and create that opportunity for them to come back and trust you more or just consume more of your content.

Don’t Have an Email List?


You can use Facebook Lead Ads. You can create Facebook Lead Ads that connects to Mail Chimp via Zapier and you can say, “Hey, sign up for more information about us” and it does impact the awareness phase very easily and can create a large amount of audience. It just costs a little bit of money, but they will be able to also receive your articles and you’ll be able to get traffic to articles using that e-mail marketing method.

Facebook Groups can also help grow your audience

The last one; which is one of the ones I also use, is taking your URL’s that you’ve created, taking everything you’ve done and within your personal Facebook, joining groups that are either specific to the type of demographic audience you’re trying to target. So, let’s say if it’s “Moms” and you’re trying to target some type of supply for children or if it’s “Dog Owners” and you’re trying to pitch for any type of dog toy, you want to you want to be able to join as many relevant Facebook pages as possible.

And I’m not talking about because you want to spam them. You need to follow their rules and you need to be able to bring value to their Facebook groups. Please do not spam them, because you’ll get kicked out.

The cool thing about this is that I’ve seen up to 15 percent more traffic, because of these Facebook groups. And what I do is I create value; I respond to questions, I respond to posts, I like posts. And within a while, once you have some of that reputation created, you can go ahead and those blog posts you created, as long as they’re valuable information or not product pushing, you can go ahead and create that opportunity to put that on those Facebook group pages.

And what that’s going to allow you to do is it’s going to allow you to be able to interact with new people that you’ve never interacted with or create a personal relationship, because those potential customers could ask you questions about your product or service or just about your industry and also create the opportunity for traffic and future customers.

So, that also brings traffic, but it does have a little bit of impact on the way that, you know, if you’re a salesperson for example, it’ll create that automatic opportunity.

Linkedin also has groups

Taking Facebook groups in the same strategy, you want to do the same strategy for LinkedIn Groups because LinkedIn groups are also powerful; especially if you’re in the B2B opportunity part of your business. If that’s something that you’re looking for; investors, franchises, any type of B2B client that you’re looking for, LinkedIn is the way to do it.

Linkedin is expensive when it comes to ads, but it’s not expensive when it comes to joining Facebook groups, joining the right Facebook groups, and being able to contribute and also contribute your content on there to get a lot more exposure and opportunity.

Jonathan Alonso
Jonathan Alonso

I turn question marks into exclamation points. My work in digital marketing has allowed me to become a full stack marketer with deep knowledge of not only Analytics and tag manager implementation, But also of paid search strategies, technical and off-site search engine optimization, social and even marketing strategies that encompass both tradition and digital.

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