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Chat With Google – Need Adwords Help?

Jonathan Alonso

Are you having problems with Adwords? Can’t seem to figure it out? How about Google my business? I have found the link that takes you to the chat option. They may be open only during pacific times, so you may want to try more than once.

Here is the link: Chat With Google

Please make sure you have an Adwords account, It is required to chat with the rep. You can find your customer id on the left-hand side of your account once you are logged in.


Jonathan Alonso
Jonathan Alonso

I turn question marks into exclamation points. My work in digital marketing has allowed me to become a full stack marketer with deep knowledge of not only Analytics and tag manager implementation, But also of paid search strategies, technical and off-site search engine optimization, social and even marketing strategies that encompass both tradition and digital.

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