Is a Better Business Bureau Profile great for SEO?

There is a clear answer since this question is actually broken down into 2 parts. The first part is simple, Does it create a link that helps your page authority, No, But there is still value to SEO. The value from BBB that I define is “Trust” may sound vain but it does create a trust flow that helps you with Local SEO and helps you impact the “trust” factor of Google’s Algorithm.

BBB is Highly Trusted

It’s all about the trust factor, and how people view your business. The BBB stands for “trust” and “transparency”. Better Business Bureau is an exclusive directory that is very highly trusted by Google because of the rigid process to accredit a business in their directory. In fact, the BBB has over 400K businesses on their directory with over 107M visitors per year. This creates an active audience of people already looking for business in their directory and appearing in searches pretty high when consumer search for “reviews” of your business.

Local Search & Trust Factor

Part of the success of Google Local Map pack is “Authority”, in this phase you want to build trust with Google in which helps legitimize your business. As mentioned before the trust value that BBB gives your business is very important. Investing in this accreditation makes sense in learning about this one main factor instead of just the main focus of SEO.

Don’t just settle for investing and not doing anything else. You will have to put some work into this just like you do in directory listings for Local SEO. A couple of things to consider,

  1. Add Photos and Videos about your business that builds more of that trust by showcasing your stores, local business experience within your BBB Profile.
  2. Create a custom description of why they should trust your business and what value you bring to the table
  3. Keep a consistent NAP. Name, Address and Phone Number, Website, and Email. Keep this consistent on everything, treat your BBB profile as an authoritative directory listing just like building for Yelp.

BBB also offers a “Request-a-quote” extension to monetize on their audience, but I believe the above is more important to focus on then that extension.

Should You Join

Yes, but keep in mind that this will not attribute to direct SEO. You may look at expenses and cut back because you may not be able to track any ROI from it directly. ( I have seen some leads that have converted before that pays for itself ). If you invest in this, you can’t focus on SEO value, you need to focus on the “trust” your building with Google and your customers. Focusing on trust is important since trust is a great value for your business online that has an indirect contribution to your “Trust Rank” on Google.

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