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6 Video Ideas That Are Perfect for Email Marketing

Jonathan Alonso

The power of video is impossible to ignore, and it has been proven time and time to draw in
more viewers, increase engagement, and ultimately boost conversions. Considering its
capabilities, don’t you think adding videos into your email marketing campaign would make
a lot of sense?

Make no mistake there are many ways that videos can play a role in email marketing
campaigns, but if you’re looking for a few ideas that you can get started with – keep

Welcome and Introduction Video

If you’re going to be using videos as part of your email marketing campaign – why not get
started from the very first email that you send out. Instead of a regular welcome or
introduction message that you would normally send out when someone subscribes to your
email list, creating a short video is a great alternative.

The welcome or introduction video could just be a simple ‘talking head’ video that you use
to introduce yourself and explain what the list and your business is all about – and the
benefits it will provide. Compared to a conventional message, it will help put a human face
to your brand right off the bat.

Assuming there is time, you could include your own personal story to make the video more
engaging. Just be careful that it doesn’t end up making the video too long, or viewers are
likely to lose interest.

How-to Guides and Tutorials

In general how-to guides and tutorials are a very popular type of video – and they are
perfect for email marketing as well. Because these guides teach viewers about something
useful to them, they are a type of content that is likely to be appreciated.

As a rule it is best to avoid directly promoting a product or service in a tutorial video, but it
is possible to indirectly promote it instead by showing it being used. The goal should be to
provide viewers with a video that they will find useful, so that you’re able to shore up your
credibility and build a relationship with your subscribers.

Always remember to ‘show’ each step in the tutorial and don’t just tell viewers what to do.
Additionally despite being non-promotional it should have a call to action that points
viewers to what they should do next – such as visit your website for more content of that

News Highlights and Roundups

On a weekly or monthly basis you could send out a video to your list that is a brief roundup
of everything that has been going on. It could be specific to your business, or general news
that is likely to interest them – or a mix of both.

Try to focus on the most important news items, and find highlight clips that you can use for
each one. The video should be geared towards providing a brief and succinct update so that
your subscribers can stay abreast of any news that is relevant to them.

Explainer Videos

One of the most effective ways to promote a product or service using email marketing is
with an explainer video. Nowadays the most effective type of explainer videos are short,
animated videos that outline what a product or service can do and there are lots of
examples of great explainer videos you can follow.

While the main goal of an explainer video is to let viewers know how a product or service
will benefit them – it should also be entertaining. That way viewers will see it as less of a
‘hard sell’ and are more likely to respond to it.

For explainer videos to be effective, they should be placed somewhere in the middle of the
email marketing campaign – after several emails containing other content have been
delivered to build up your credibility.

Event Follow-Ups

If you’ve hosted an event of any kind, an interesting type of video that you could create for
email marketing is a specific follow-up video to the event. Its exact form can vary, but it
should be positioned as a video that sums up the event and possibly provides additional
information related to it.

For example if you hosted a launch event, you could send out a video that contained photos
and videos from the event – coupled with a bit of further information about the product or
what it can do. Alternatively if you held a webinar , you could send out a follow-up video that
summarizes it in brief, and discusses some areas a bit further.

‘Behind the Scenes’ Brand Videos

Behind the scenes peeks into your workplace and what goes on there is a great way to get
viewers to associate with your brand. It will provide them with an authentic and unfiltered
look at what goes on in the workplace, and let them get to know the actual people behind
the brand.

In short this type of video is great to add to your email marketing campaign from time to
time to humanize your brand and help forge a connection between it and your subscribers.
Just be sure that the videos aren’t too scripted, otherwise they won’t have quite the same


See how each of the types of videos listed above can be used as part of your email
marketing campaign? Odds are you may already be producing some as part of other video
marketing campaigns, in which case you could reuse or repurpose them for email
marketing. If you have already published them you could rip YouTube video using tools such
as Movavi Screen Recorder for example.

As you may be aware you can’t embed videos directly into email, and sending it as an
attachment is not advisable either as most email platforms have a file size limit for them.
Instead you should just publish the video on your website or YouTube and link to it.

It can help to add a ‘Video’ tag in the email subject so that your subscribers know what to
expect. That has been known to increase the open rates of emails – so it is worth a shot.

Jonathan Alonso
Jonathan Alonso

I turn question marks into exclamation points. My work in digital marketing has allowed me to become a full stack marketer with deep knowledge of not only Analytics and tag manager implementation, But also of paid search strategies, technical and off-site search engine optimization, social and even marketing strategies that encompass both tradition and digital.

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