5 Tips to Build Your Online Presence with Content Marketing

Change is inevitable and only the prepared shall survive. We have moved into a time where almost everything is done online.  Business has also been affected and therefore the rules have changed. In order to be able to get leads and customers online, you need a good online content, regularly updated and entertaining. Getting good content and drawing customers are skills that can be learned. There are a lot of awesome ways to sell your products or offer services by building your brand with content,  Below are 5 of the most effective ideas

  1. Email Marketing Should be Done the Right Way.

The first aspect you should take note of is your email marketing strategy. This is one of the most important avenues, if not the most important, to get to your prospective customers and register your product in their minds. According to studies, this has been the most successful direct means of providing organic reach.
Almost everyone has at least one email and 80 percent of Americans admit to reading emails first thing every morning.
Targeting mails is very profitable. The only downside is sending spam. This should be avoided at all costs. Knowing how often emails are to be sent will be essential in your audience reading or discarding. The emails of an average user are constantly bombarded with loads of spam so to make your content stand out, create a wonderful and captivating message and make sure it is delivered softly with strategic planning. Do not over send emails and you have a higher chance of getting noticed.

  1. Invest in Blogging.

Blogging is an integral aspect of generating awareness for your product, service business etc. As long as you do business online, having a great blog will definitely bring about more conversions and leads.  Blogging shouldn’t be taken lightly. To get the best from blogging, you need to really make your blog stand out. There are tons of contents out there so you need to pass your message regularly, be entertaining and this will produce regular readers for you.

Your blog should contain original and relatable content that your readers can connect to. Investing in your blog will get you more leads and will pay off in the long run. Don’t just blog for blogging sake, make your blog stand out with uniqueness and great content.

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  1. Feature Others’ Expertise.

Whichever field we find ourselves, there will be experts in the field. People we look up to as idols and those we just have lots to learn from. It is not a bad idea to include expert posts in your blog.  These help your blog in many ways. They help to generate loads of backlinks including those from the experts. Doing this also helps the expert and so they can return the favor. They are also very simple to advertise. Just by sharing the link with the contributors you have helped yourself and helped them also, and they also share it on all their social media platforms thereby also increasing your awareness and authority online. Also doing this makes you form useful business relationships. These are useful because you get to learn from them, work with them, and help each other accomplish more. Lastly, when you are seen with such respected online personas, your rep is also increasing gradually as they see you collaborating with experts. This increases your online authority greatly like a boost.

  1. Always give 100 percent in Content Creation.

Most of your readers will be smart people. They will have emotions and you can learn how to tap into their emotions with stories and ideas in your blogs, etc.
When a content is written, the readers can tell if it was done haphazardly or with real conviction and passion. Always put your all into getting answers, in doing research, writing, and designing your content. Adding graphs, statistics and more will go a long way in convincing your audience that you are sure of what you are saying. They will relate more with your ideas and it will generate more regular readers which in turn will bring about more conversions and leads. Put in a 100 percent in your content and I assure you, your readers will notice your efforts and appreciate it.

  1. Personalize Your Content.

In many successful businesses, you almost always have a target audience which your product or service is mainly geared towards. This is a great strategy to remember and it will do you a whole lot of good to also personalize your content to your target audience. This makes them feel special and makes them feel someone understands them. Connecting with your audience’s emotion is very crucial and is a vital skill that needs to be sought after. Always remember not to go too far in personalizing, as this might strike some nerves.

In Conclusion

Having more online authority will go a long way in increasing leads and conversion for your business. The more you are known and trusted, the more prospective customers will be eager to spend money on your service or product. Getting your readers to spend money on you must first means you’ve gotten their attention and trust, and a good, well-written content is the way to connect with them. Make sure you read more on experts and learn from them. Personalise your content to target a specific audience and always make sure you are all in.  Your efforts will be respected and valued and you will see the results.

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